Thursday, November 12, 2015

Just going to use this as a dumping ground for renders, WIPs, sculpts, wireframes, doodles, and whatever else the hell I want!!.... provided, of course,  it's both digital and graphical in nature...:)

This will be a random mixture of both old and new. When I said dumping ground I meant it...... 

The main tools I use are: 3ds Max, Zbrush, Vray, Photoshop
I am also proficient with: Maya, Mari, Mental Ray, Modo, Keyshot, Mudbox, Topogun, Premiere, Xnormal, Ndo/Ddo, Marmoset Toolbag, Headus UV, Rayfire, After effects, Sketchup

Beastman Bust Sculpt

Zbrush project with an aim to create all hard-surface
assets directly in ZB.
Final illustration was comped Keyshot passes
and a heavy paintover in Photoshop.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Modeling the Warhammer 40K

'Rhino Tank'

Results of a lengthy and in-depth tutorial on creating a hard-surface asset 
entirely in Zbrush 4r7 using Zmodeler tools. The second series in the 
tutorial set covers the creation, Keyshot rendering, and final illustration
composite/paintover in Photoshop.

'Chem-Tank' Tutorial Series

Real-time asset built for a tutorial series I created.
The tutorial is about 7 hours long and covers 
the entire process of building PBR-ready
assets for a game engine like Unity or UE4

Substance Painter Screenshot

 Tutorial Series Title